On 8/17 at about 1900 hrs, Shelton Fire COmpanies 1 (Echo Hose), 3 (Huntington), & 5 (White Hills) were dispatched to the area of Woosters St. & North Oak for a reported structure fire. Tower 7 was returning from a call on Bridgeport Ave when they came upon the fire prior to Shelton Fire Dispatch dropping tones for a fire response. Neighbors and people standing outside the structure reported a person still on the 2nd flr. Tower 7’s crew immediately went to the 2nd flr and found a man attempting to extinguish the fire with pots of water. He was told to leave and a line was stretched from Tower 7 to the 2nd flr to begin extinguishing the fire. Engine 2 arrived shortly after and stretched a line to the rear of the house. Fire was mainly on the exterior of the structure in the eves making its way into the attic. Towe 7’s line was stretched to the attic with a crew to extinguish the extension before it got into the attic. Ground ladders were thrown to the roof and around the structure for egress points if needed. About 50 plus firefighters from the 3 companies responded to extinguish the fire. There were 2 minor civilian injuries, burnt hands and smoke inhilations, and 1 firefighter injury, laceration to the hand.

Units Onscene: Car 1 (Command), Car 3, Car 4, 101 (Operations), 102, 302, 501, Engine 2, Engine 32, Engine 52, Tower 7, Ladder 1, Ladder 33, Squad 30, Echo Hose AMbulance, VEMS, Shelton PD