At around 3:30 pm on 3/5/22, Companies 1 and 5 of the Shelton Fire Department were alerted to a head-on motor vehicle accident with occupants trapped in both vehicles. As fire units arrived, it was confirmed that occupants in both vehicles were trapped inside with one of the vehicles hanging over the guardrail. This vehicle was beginning to slide down a significant incline. As apparatus arrived, crews were split to tend to both vehicles providing stabilization. Once stabilized, members began removing doors from one vehicle and doors and the roof from the other. Several different hydraulic tools and saws were used to dismantle the vehicles in order to gain access to the patients. After approximately 15 minutes, both trapped patients were freed and EHAC transported them to a local trauma facility for treatment. Squad 1, Engines 2 and 52, Truck 55, Utility 4, and EHAC operated under the command of Assistant Chief Bob Finta. Shelton Police is investigating the accident.

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