Engine 2


Engine 2 is a 2004 Pierce Enforcer engine sitting on a rescue body. Purchased as a set of 4 identical rigs, each of the four fire companies received one in 2004. Though its main purpose is to put out fires, Engine 2 responds first due for the following alarms: In and out of district residential fire alarms, 1st and 2nd due structure fires, dumpster fires, grass fires, brush fires, pole fires, wires down and odor investigations.

Engine 2 holds 750 gallons of water, 30 gallons of foam and is accompanied by a 1500 gallon per minute pump. Engine 2 carries battery powered Holmatro extrication equipment, saws, meters, thermal imagining cameras and other various firefighting equipment. All of that equipment would be useless without firefighters. Engine 2 carries 6 firefighters. Each jump seat has an integrated SCBA holder, portable radio and hand light.


›    Model: 2004 Pierce Enforcer

›    Seating: 6 Firefighters

    1st Due Assignments: Residential Fire Alarms | Structure Fires | Dumpster/Brush/Grass Fires | Pole/Transformer/Manhole Fires | Odor Investigations

    2nd Due Assignments: In District Commercial Alarms | Chimney Fires | Vehicle Fires | MVA’s | HazMat

   1500 GPM Pump

   750 gallons of water

   30 gallons of foam

   Holmatro Cutter, Spreader & Ram

   Thermal Imaging Camera

   4 Gas Meter

   Chainsaws & Cutoff Saws

   Extension Ladders