Company 1 firefighters were kept busy responding to multiple calls through out the day including 3 fires. Around 2pm companies 1, 5 and 3 were dispatched to Lakeview Drive for a structure fire. Engine 2 arrived finding a small detached building in the property with smoke showing. Engine 2 grabbed a hydrant and stretched a hand line to knock down the fire. The assignment was quickly held to Engine 2, Engine 4 and Car 3 for overhaul. During the call company 1 was dispatched to Nells Rock Road for a vehicle Fire. Engine 4 cleared the scene and along with Tower 7 responding from Headquarters and arrived finding a van fully involved along with a brush fire. Engine 35 from Huntington was special called for additional water and foam. Finally just before 6pm companies 3, 5 and 1 were dispatched to Maler Drive for a house fire. Car 3 arrived reporting fire and smoke showing from the rear area of a large 2 story house. A fire started in a gas grill and extended into the attached rear deck and started extended up the rear siding of the house. Engine 35 and Engine 32 arrived first and forced the front door and stretched one line through the interior and an additional line around the back and knocked the fire down quickly. :Ladder 1 arrived and assisted with opening up, checking for extension and additional overhaul. The fire was placed under control in 20 minutes.