At 3:46 am Shelton Fire Departments Companies 1 and 4 were alerted to a motor vehicle accident on River Rd in the vicinity of Trolley Bridge Rd. The Shelton Fire/Police Dispatcher stated the vehicle may be on fire with a victim still inside.
Upon the arrival of Chief Jones, he confirmed a 2 car MVA with one vehicle well involved in fire and stated that one occupant was out of the vehicle and bystanders had just removed the other occupant. When Squad 1 arrived shortly after, both vehicles were now involved in fire. Members assisted in moving the victims further away from the fire as other members began extinguishment. Once EMS arrived, the patients were transported to a local trauma facility and their condition is unknown at this time. River Rd in this area remains closed as SPD conducts an investigation. Fire units on the scene were Squad 1, Engine 24, Engine 42, Rescue 45, Car 2, and Car 5 all operated under the command of Chief Jones, Car 1.

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