At 4:04 PM, Companies 1,4 & 5 were dispatched to the Lower Housatonic River in the area of Sunnyside Boat Ramp for a reported overturned boat with occupants still in the water. Car 1 and 101 arrived on scene and confirmed there was a small overturned boat just South of the Sunnyside Boat Ramp with 2 parties still in the water clinging to the vessel. Squad 1 arrived minutes after with a crew prepared to enter the water with cold water rescue suits on.

Because of the time of year, no boats were in the water for immediate use, but on the way were boats from Shelton, Derby and a dive team from Bridgeport Police. Squad 1’s crew was able to commandeer a small boat from a yard nearby to make their way to the victims who were now about 300 yards from shore. One victim was able to be pulled aboard, but due to certain circumstances, one firefighter had to enter the water to rescue the 2nd. All parties were then pulled ashore where they were then placed in the care of Echo Hose Ambulance.

***Pictures courtesy of FIREGROUNDIMAGES.COM…Check their website for more pictures and video soon***