Shortly aft 8 pm, Companies 3 and 1 of the Shelton Fire Department were dispatched to the location provided for the motor vehicle accident. Upon the arrival of the first fire unit, a passenger vehicle was found upside down on the shoulder of the road. Units were told the vehicle had been in the parking lot above the location and crashed through the barrier approximately 12 feet above, landing on its roof. The two occupants were still inside the vehicle and in need of assistance getting out. Fire units were able to gain access to the patients and free them from their seatbelts and pass them off to the Echo Hose Ambulance crew. Both occupants were transported to a local trauma facility for medical attention. Engine 32, Rescue 30, and Squad 1 operated under the command of Assistant Chief Mike Plavcan. Fire crews remained on the scene until the vehicle was removed by AJ’s tow service.

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