Just before 3 pm, Companies 1 and 4 were dispatched to the location provided for a report of smoke in the building. Shortly after being dispatched, Car 6 arrived and confirmed a smoke condition inside with the sprinkler system activated. Confirming a working fire added Company 5 to the scene and Company 3 as Citywide coverage. As crews entered, a moderate smoke condition was found throughout the building. Crews quickly located the location of the fire and used a 1 3/4” fire hose to suppress the fire. With high temperatures, an Engine from the Derby Fire Department responded along with Rehab 48 for water and Refreshments. Crews were able to open up walls and ceilings to locate any hidden fire. Once it was confirmed that all visible fire was extinguished, crews began to pack up. No injuries occurred to fire personnel or occupants. Fire Marshal is investigating the cause of the fire. Engines 2, 42, Ladder 51, Squad 1, Rescue 45, Cars 2 (Safety Officer), 4 5, and 6 (Operations) operated under the Command of Assistant Chief Joe Constantino. Echo Hose EMS was also on the scene in the event anyone became ill or injured.

( Source: Facebook.com/sheltonctfire )