At approximately 7:30pm on April 21st, the Shelton Fire Department was alert to a report of a structure fire on Birdseye Road. Upon arrival of the first fire unit, Engine 32, a light smoke condition was found coming from an exterior wall in the back of the house. As additional crews arrived, members entered the home and located a small fire in the wall. The fire was quickly extinguished by a 1 3/4” attack hose. Members checked for smoldering areas as others performed ventilation and metered the home for carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide. Once the house was deemed safe, the Fire Marshal’s office began their investigation. Approximately 25 firefighters operated under the command of Assistant Chief Shaun Wheeler. Engines 32, 52, 35, Ladder 51, Rescue 30, Squad 1 and Cars 1, 4 and 5 responded to the incident. Echo Hose Ambulance provided standby service in the event of an injury. The home remains habitable and no injuries were reported. The fire was placed under control within 20 minutes.

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