Shortly after midnight on March 18th, companies 5,3&1 were dispatched for a reported structure in the area of 425 Leavenworth Rd. Car 5 while en route reported that it was a large barn on fire and it was actually located on Barn Hill Rd in the Town of Monroe. Monroe FD was notified, as the Shelton Fire units continued in. Monroe 702 and Shelton Car 5 arrived on the scene and had a heavily involved barn. Ladder 51 was the first arriving fire unit and positioned in the driveway for an exterior fire attack. Engine 52 and Monroe Engine 75 arrived shortly after and units began setting up master stream operations. Ladder 51 and Engine 52 remained on scene until 3 am with Monroe to fully extinguish the barn…L51, E52, E35, Sq1, C3, C4 & C5 responded from Shelton. Monroe, Stepney, and Stevenson operated from Monroe.
Information and pictures provided by LT. Nick Demko

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