At 6:00 p.m. tonight UI, city and fire officials gathered and discussed the game plan for the incoming storm.  UI reports that there may possibly be 70 to 80% power outages during the storm *400,000 households. During the storm, the Shelton Emergency Operations Center will open and operational. Company 1, as well as each fire company will be fully staffed and ready to respond at anytime during the storm. Along with the crews, extra firefighters will be in station answering phones and radio calls. Echo Hose Ambulance will also be staffing ambulances at their headquarters as well as each firehouse to ensure quick but safe responses during the storm for each part of town. As of now if needed, the Senior Center may be a shelter location. Firehouses will not be utilized to house the public, tho the public will be allowed to come and charge cell phones, batteries and fill jugs or containers with water if needed. This storm has the potential to very damaging so we urge all of you to be smart and stay safe. If an emergency does arise do not hesitate to call 911. For any non emergency questions or concerns you may have, call your local fire station on their routine phone line and someone will gladly help you out.

  • Echo Hose Hook & Ladder Fire Company 1 (DOWNTOWN) – 203-924-4200
  • Huntington Fire Company 3 (HUNTINGTON) – 203-929-1414
  • Pine Rock Fire Company 4 (PINE ROCK) – 203-929-1539
  • White Hills Fire Company 5 (WHITE HILLS) – 203-929-4554
  • Shelton EMS – 203-924-9211
  • Shelton Police – 203-924-1544