Late last night, Shelton Police was dispatched to the area of 117 Howe Ave for the reported minor MVA. Upon arrival of their first officer he confirmed that the MVA was much more serious. At this time Co.1 was dispatched as well. While in route Engine 2 was notified that 1 person was still trapped in one of the vehicles. Engine 2 arrived to find a 2 car “head on” crash with both vehicles showing heavy damage. The crew quickly deployed the “Jaws of life” and began working on the trapped driver. A hose line was put in place as a precaution due to the vehicles smoking heavily and leaking fluids. The crew was able to pop the damaged door within a minute to gain better access for EMS personnel. Both drivers were transported by Echo Hose Ambulance and Engine 2 cleared shortly after. *Photo – Brian Mezzapelle – click picture to view more photos