Tomorrow is election day and along with voting for our national and local leaders we, as a community, will be voting on monetary expenditures for our city. The Shelton Fire Department has met with the Board of Alderman and requested 3.5 million dollars for replacement of fire apparatus and equipment that has past its life span. The approval of this money will help to place 4 new  fire apparatus in service replacing aging apparatus, 1 at each firehouse. The plan lists the following:

  • Engine/Rescue @ Echo Hose H&L Co.#1
  • Heavy Rescue @ Huntington Co. #3
  • Quint @ Pine rock Co. #4
  • Quint @ White Hills Co. #5

  • Recently, Echo Hose H&L Fire Co. #1 decommissioned one of the oldest trucks in the fleet, a 1976 80 ft Maxim light duty ladder truck. This truck provided services to the City of Shelton for 36 years!! Due to its age and inability to find parts for replacement it was deemed to be decommissioned from service.

    Please vote “YES” on the questions allotting 3.5 million dollars for new apparatus and equipment for the Shelton Fire Department!!!!

     Your dedicated volunteer firefighters Thank You!!