Just before 10 a.m. companies 1 & 3 were dispatched to rt8 at ex12 for the motor vehicle accident. During the response units were told the crash was actually on Old Stratford Road. Engine 2 arrived to find a vehicle off the road with damage. The driver lost control getting off exit 12 south. Echo Hose Ambulance assessed 2 patients while Engine 2 provided scene protection and took care of downed fluids as a result of the crash. Both occupants were ok and refused medical treatment. Engine 2 remained on scene with local and state police until the vehicle was removed.

A short while after Company 1 was dispatched to 31 Hill street for the reported child with his arm stuck in a radiator. Truck 9 along with Engine 2 arrived to find a young child with his arm trapped between a wall and a metal radiator. Firefighters were able to pry the radiator away from the wall enough to remove the childs arm without damage to the home. An EMT on the engine was able to assess the patient prior to the VEMS paramedics arrival. The child was unharmed and crews returned to service a few minutes later.