Photo  & Story courtesy of *WTNH.COM

Students at Shelton High got an eye-opening demonstration Friday about the dangers of drinking and driving. A very timely mock crash was staged with prom season quickly approaching.

First responders race to the scene of a bad crash. A Shelton High senior named Kylie had been drinking, then she was texting while driving, and she crashed into another car. Fortunately, it was just a mock crash, staged during prom season to show how awful a car crash can be.

“It’s supposed to be a really fun senior year, and if anything happened especially on prom night it would just ruin everyone’s year,” Kylie English said. “It would be horrible”

“Putting on an event like this where there’s a strong visual element really brings home the message that if they text and drive, or even worse drink and drive, what the ramifications can be,” said Sgt. James Millington, Shelton Police Department.

“You’re going to put your foot out and count one one thousand.”

Kylie’s character admits to a police officer she’s had a couple beers and he gives her a field sobriety test. Meanwhile, firefighters are working on cutting two passengers out of one car, while police officers cover up the body of another student killed in the crash.

The students have seen plenty of messages on television telling them not to drink and drive, not to text and drive, but that’s always happening to someone else, a stranger. This is their own schoolmates lying in a pool of blood, and that really hits home.

“Once they see the cars being ripped apart to get the person out, that’s really where they get it because it’s crazy to think they can’t get out of a car unless it’s ripped apart,” Kylie said.

And once that car was ripped apart, two students were taken away in an ambulance, while Kylie is taken away in handcuffs, under arrest. However, that’s still better than Tyler who got taken away in a body bag.