The Echo Hose Hook & Ladder Co.1 would like to thank you for your support in helping us make our Santa’s Helper event a great success over the past 11 years. Each year we have been able to grow the event and we want to thank the families that participated last year and have helped make this event successful for us. We love to bring a smile to a child’s face one door step at a time.

With that being said, we will be kicking off our 12th Annual Santa’s Helper! This year we are facing some challenges as our fire station is undergoing some much-needed repairs and our apparatus are being staged around town. But even with these challenges, we still want to hold the Santa’s Helper event. This year we will be running Santa’s Helper on the weekends only; Friday December 14th through Sunday December 23rd. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THE FIRE STATION THIS YEAR! Open registration will start on December 1st at 9:00 am and run through December 9th. (PLEASE SEE BELOW SCHEDULE FOR REGISTRATION/GIFT DROP OFF TIMES). This year registration will be held at Echo Hose EMS Training Center (St. Joseph School) at 430 Coram Avenue. Please park around back as we will have signs to guide you to the registration area. There will be NO registration on TUESDAY, December 4th. Once we have our volunteers in place, we will post additional registration/drop-off days and times. ALL gifts and registrations MUST be received by December 9th so we can start scheduling the deliveries.

Like in prior years, registration is on a first come first serve basis. If you plan on participating this year, we strongly request that you coordinate with your neighbors as we will be limited on event dates and number of stops. Our fee structure is to favor groups of 3 or more per stop. Again, gifts must be dropped off by December 9th with your payment at the St. Joseph/EMS Training Center, 430 Coram Ave. 


WEDNESDAY: 12:00pm – 7:00pm
FRIDAY: 3:00pm – 7:00pm
SATURDAY: 9:00am – 7:00pm
SUNDAY: 11:00am – 7:00pm (FINAL DAY!)



During two weekends of December, the members of Echo Hose Fire Department don Santa suits instead of turnout gear to escort Santa to the homes of children around the City of Shelton. We arrive with lights, sirens, and Santa to your front door.

Visit us at St. Joseph School/Echo Hose EMS Training Center at 430 Coram Avenue during any scheduled open registration day. Please bring with you the gift(s) wrapped in brown paper along with your donation. While at St. Joseph, select your deliver night and fill out the registration sheet. Hand us your gift(s) and pay your donation and you are registered!

The cost to participate is $30.00 for the first 3 gifts and $10.00 for each additional gift. If you drop off 2 gifts to be delivered, that is $30.00. If you drop off 1 gift to be delivered and shared by two or more children, that is $30.00. If you drop off 2 gifts to be given to the same child that is $30.00. If you drop off 4 gifts to be delivered that is $40.00.

No, though that would be preferred, but not a requirement. If you are able to coordinate the people on your street or block to have gifts delivered the same night, that will work as well – i.e. delivering to 23, 25 and 34 Fire Lane.

No, you will not choose a time when you register with us. The routes are planned when each night closes so we can travel the most efficient route to each stop. When the route is planned, the age of the children is taken into consideration and we try to visit the younger children first. Times really depend on where the stops are that night.

We ask that you wrap the presents with brown paper for 2 reasons – 1. Brown paper is more durable than regular wrapping paper and even though we are extremely careful with all gifts, wrapping paper has a tendency to tear. We do not want to deliver an opened or partially opened gift. 2. It is easier for us to read the name and street address on the gift so it will not get misplaced. Rolls of brown paper can be found at Target, but paper bags from the grocery store work as well.

The donations are used to fun Fire Department events throughout the year. For example, the funds from this program help us sponsor a child from the Boys & Girls Club, distribute the popcorn balls and candy canes, buy gifts for Children in area hospitals and many other events.

We would love to deliver gifts to needy Shelton children, but we do not have the manpower to make this happen. If you know of a neighbor or family in need in Shelton, you are welcome to send a gift to them as a secret Santa. W will have to coordinate with the family, so it cannot be a complete surprise. This year we are partnering with Echo Hose EMS and TEAM for TEAM’s Toys 4 Kids Annual Toy Drive. If you wish to donate a gift, w will have a collection box at registration.

Santa loves cookies (especially homemade), donuts and coffee. Santa’s head elf prefers hot chocolate to coffee. Please no alcoholic beverages because our firetrucks are still in service and may need to answer an emergency call.

Families that have participated in previous years received letters allowing them to pre-register in subsequent years. Once you have participated, you will be receiving a letter. Letters will be mailed the second week of November. Each letter contains a unique ID number that is linked to your information in our database.

Once you have received your pre-registration letter for the current year’s program, contact Max Aulet at either 203-589-3009 or with your pre-registration number and the night you would like Santa to visit you. Pre-registrations will not be accepted until the letters should have been delivered.

We have always accepted cash and checks. Please have checks made out to Echo Hose FD. We also have the ability to accept credit cards, but only during scheduled registration and drop off hours.

You drop off your gift and payment at the St. Joseph School/Echo Hose EMS Training Center at 430 Coram Avenue during posted registration/drop off hours only. Dropping them off anywhere else or when we are not present at St. Joseph will not guarantee they make it to us.

Once you are registered, you may add as many gifts as you would like. there is no limit to the number of gifts we will deliver to one stop.

Santa delivers between the hours of 5 pm and 9 pm. Once a night closes to registration, the most efficient route is planned taking the age of the children into account. Once the route is set, you will be called with an estimated time for Santa to arrive.

Currently Santa only delivers in the evening from 5 pm to 9 pm.

The only requirements we have set is that Santa delivers to an address within the Shelton City Limits. Our firetrucks are still in service while delivering, so if an emergency comes in, they need to be able to respond. However, we will deliver gifts to anyone that is at one of our stops, so invite your out of town friends over to experience Santa.

Unfortunately our firetrucks cannot deliver to any address outside of the Shelton City Limits. Our firetrucks are still in service while delivering, so if an emergency comes in, they need to be able to respond.

We try to keep the delivery times between 5 pm and 9 pm, so we will need to limit the number of stops we make each night. The popular nights will close quicker.

To make it easier for Santa to find your house, please make sure your house number is visible and have some outside light on.

You can await Santa’s arrival inside or outside of your home. Most children want to see the firetrucks as well as Santa, but some children may be frightened of them. Santa will come to wherever you await him.

The amount of time Santa spends at each stop depends on the interest of the children and the amount of people he is delivering to at the stop. The average is between 5 and 10 minutes. We allow enough time for Santa to hand each children their gift, check out the firetrucks and to take photos.

You will receive a call at least the night before your scheduled visit with an estimated time for Santa to arrive. You will also receive a call the night of your visit when Santa is on his way to you.

We live in New England, so inclement weather is always a possibility. The forecast for Santa’s deliveries is watched closely and every precaution is taken. We will make every effort to reschedule deliveries that are cancelled due to weather at a convenient time for the families involved.

Our firetrucks are still in service while delivering, so if an emergency comes in, Santa and his crew will need to respond. In these cases, you will be contacted by Santa’s head elf about a delay or to reschedule.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Max Aulet at 203-589-3009 or He does work, so please allow him time to get his kids to bed before responding to e-mails.